We offer technical assistance and translation services to engineers or technicians visiting Argentina. Not all travelers arriving in the country are fluent in Spanish, nor the local people is in English. This is where we can give a solution. We offer not only translation to foreigners but also, due to our vast experience in plants and the industrial world, we can offer technical help. We act as an interface to technicians from outside the country and local companies where this people need to perform their duties. We organize pickups at airports, make hotel arrangements, help in transportation daily from hotel to plants. We can help organizing medical checks and insurance paperwork which are part of plant access paperwork, also we can even help with technical activities as equipment installation and maintenance.

Some of our specific activities:

  • MFL & Caliper In Line Inspection tools (pigs) and general scraper refurbish.
  • Pig launch and receive operations.
  • Pig tracking.
  • Logger/AGM deployment.
  • Offshore oil rig activities.
  • Instrumentation